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Gilmore Girls ficathon for Luke and Lorelai that finds ways to get them together prior to R&R.
Despite the fact that the date was April 1st, 2008, a suggestion made by Ina on the TWoP Gilmore Girls FanFic Discussion was seen as anything but a joke. She posted, "every S1-S4 episode offers options to go AU and get L&L together... wouldn't it be great to have at least one shippy spin-off for each and every pre R&R episode?" and it was an idea that was enthusiastically recieved by reader, writer, and beta alike. Thus, this ficathon was born. We will be starting in Season 1 and working our way up to episode 4.22, finding a way for Luke and Lorelai to get together in every episode. Some episodes have clear 'shippy moments. Others are a little bit harder to find. But, whatever the episode, our writers are up to the creative challenge. Stay tuned to see how this epic event plays out.

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